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News Release

Picogram Co., Ltd. (CEO Seok-Rim Choi) announces the launch of New Self-Care Cosmetic Product, CELLINstem, based on Exosome Technology.

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    2024-06-13 14:59:40
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피코그램, 엑소좀 기반 홈케어 뷰티 브랜드 `셀린스템` B2C 화장품 런칭

CELLINstem which is the home care beauty brand of Picogram is launching new ‘Exoplan Daily Multi Serum’ and ‘Exoplan Active Lifting Cream’.

Picogram is an expert of living environment home appliances with high filter technology researching for 24 years, and selling water purifiers and filters to over 40 overseas countries. Picogram has proceeded to develop home care beauty cosmetics based on Exosome technology after MOU contract with EYESEL and Origin Cell Biotech last year.

Exosome, is an endoplasmic reticulum to deliver the signal between cells, care damaged skin and helps the energy vitalization of human’s natural skin by stem cells. 

CELLINstem’s [Re:Elasome] technology can help the exosomes and active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin deep and fast by phospholipid double membrane.

CELLINstem’s ‘Exoplan Daily Multi Serum’ can help quick skin moisturize by Moist boom, Lactobionic Acid and Panthenol. ‘Exoplan Daily Multi Serum’ also helps moisturize and recover skin. 

It’s possible to buy ‘Exoplan Daily Multi Serum’ and ‘Exoplan Active Lifting Cream’ at the official store of Naver. CELLINstem has a plan to launch 4 ampoules (Whitening, Lifting, Recover and hair) and Facial Mask in the first half year. 

CELLINstem is planning business expansion to Health functional food and Home care beauty devices by utilization of advanced technology.

source : The Digital Times