Invisible world, Picogram technology

The Living Environment Technology Institution of Picogram is striving to concentrate on the development of new kinds of technology and new products while taking a lead for developing domestic water purification technologies in Korea with the consistent attitude since 2005 by developing many kinds of technology for the future and the customers.
Our Living Environment Technology Institution has developed various kinds of products, such as domestic under sink products and cold & hot water purifiers, etc., and is making its efforts to develop customer-oriented, eco-friendly products through the development of new kinds of technology.
In addition, we are making the best effort to become a global company taking a lead in the worldwide market and to lead market change by investing more than 5% of annual sales volume consistently into the institution.


Customer Value Creation through Technological Innovation


Advanced Development Division

  • Analysis of Proactive Products and Technology
  • Suggesting new Projects and Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Market Research

Product Development Division

  • Development and Management of mass products
  • New Product Development and Quality Improvement
  • Management of Molds
  • Management of Patents

Material Development Division

  • Development of New Materials
  • Experiments on Efficacy of Each Material
  • Certification achievement & management
  • Government Sponsored Projects


Development of New Projects

  • Water Purification Filters and Bidet Filters
  • Quick-change filter (PNP – Plug & Play)
  • Direct (Tankless) water purifiers (With Auto water shut off & pressure out function)
  • RO Water Purifiers (Pump / ASV /Water Bottle-type /Direct-type)
  • Commercial Water Purification Systems (MAXTREAM / HYBRID)
  • Instant Cooling/ Heating Water Purifiers
  • Cool/Hot Water Purifiers
  • Water Leak shut off valve

Development of New Technologies

  • Positively charged filters and positively charged carbon filters
  • Special antibacterial ceramic ball
  • Functional ceramic modules and filters
  • Hybrid composite materials
  • EFRO (Eco Friendly Reverse Osmosis) filter


100% Own Technology from Research to Production

Patent & Certification

– Domestic Patents –

Registrations of1cases of Domestic Patents (Patents and Utility Patents)
1cases of Patent Pending

– International Patents –

0cases of international patent pending