CEO’s Vision

Invisible world, Picogram technology

I truly thank each and every customer who have shown their unchanging faith in Picogram and sent their interest and love.

In 2000, Picogram has created a relationship with the environment and water treatment field, starting with the manufacturing of various functional filters, and is in constant efforts to grow as a "corporation that thinks about people and the environment" with the investment and continual development of research and technology, having the business goal of commercializing environment-related functional materials and water treatment-related parts and products.

Based on technology and capacity accumulated over the years, we are manufacturing products that can realize upgraded customer satisfaction by finding even the hidden demands of customers, and we are further accumulating technologies and strategies related to the environment and especially the best technologies in the water treatment field.

We believe that a way of repaying the unchanging trust and love from the customers is to provide better products and services, as well as socially think about the environment, and fulfilling the responsibility of management that satisfies the pioneering role in the prevention of environmental contamination.

Picogram will continue to develop as a corporation that will receive respect and trust from the customers and the market for a long time to come, and we promise to become a corporation that grows and shares with the regional society.



Healthy water, Picogram contributes to the human society by creating innovative technology and value for a clean environment.


Picogram will grow as a global leading company that provides the best value based on prioritizing excellent human resource, rational pursuit, and patriotic business as the foundation of management under the management philosophy of ‘contributing to the region, nation, and human society by creating the best products and advanced services based on exceptional individuals and core technologies.’

  • Excellent human resource; prioritizing exceptional individuals and having faith that all employees have remarkable capabilities and potential.
  • Rational pursuit; pursuing an advancement of corporate management and heightening the best value through efficient management.
  • Patriotic business; contributing to the region and society through maintainable management activities.

These three aspects have led Picogram from its establishment in 2000 until today.

Picogram's slogan, ‘Invisible world, Picogram technology’ contains the will of Picogram, sending the technologies and products of Picogram to a world that cannot be seen.

Based on this slogan, we will make great effort in becoming a global corporation that initiates change and leads the global market with creative technologies and revolutionary products
Based on these management philosophies and slogan, Picogram will satisfy the customers' needs through continual growth and development, and create future happiness with the customers by challenging the global market.


  1. 2020. 10 2020 Good Design Award Winner for Pureal Euro Changer (PPA-300)
  2. 2020. 10 Top Honor of 2020 KSCI (Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index) from the 5th consecutive years
  3. 2020. 07 20th Anniversary of Picogram
  4. 2020. 06 Pureal Euro Changer Water Purifier (PPA-300) Launched
  5. 2020. 05 Pureal Global Homepage Open (
  6. 2020. 03 Pureal Brand Launched in Vietnam
  1. 2019. 08 Top Honor of 2019 KSCI (Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index) from the 4th consecutive years
  2. 2019. 07 Pureal Nominated as High Quality Product by Incheon City in 2019
  3. 2019. 07 Participated in INDOWATER 2019 in Jakarta Indonesia
  4. 2019. 06 Participated in KOREA EXPO 2019 in Kuala Lumper Malaysia
  5. 2019. 06 Participated in the Interview of China Direct Drinking Water Magazine
  6. 2019. 06 Participated in Aquatech China 2019
  7. 2019. 05 Picogram Nominated as Global Hidden Champion Company in 2019
  8. 2019. 05 Participated in WQA Convention & Exposition 2019
  9. 2019. 04 Participated in China Canton Fair 2019
  10. 2019. 04 PU:ON Heat Water Purifier Launched
  1. 2018. 11Participated in Viet Water 2018
  2. 2018. 10Participated in 2018 UAE Dubai Water
  3. 2018. 10Launched PUREAL Touch Shower Filter
  4. 2018. 08Participated in the 19th Dong-A Home&Living Fair
  5. 2018. 06Participation in the 2018 WQA Aquatech China
  6. 2018. 06Participation in the INDOWATER 2018
  7. 2018. 05Participation in the 40th Anniversary of ENVEX 2018
  8. 2018. 04Participated in 2018 Canton Fair
  9. 2018. 04Participated in the Asia Water 2018
  10. 2018. 03Participated in WQA 2018 DENVER
  1. 2017. 11 Participated in the Ho Chi Min Water Trade Mission 2017
  2. 2017. 11 Participated in WQA Aquatech Amsterdam 2017
  3. 2017. 10Participated in Cantonfair China 2017
  4. 2017. 08Completed construction of the New Business Site
  5. 2017. 03Participated in WQA Aquatech USA
  6. 2017. 03Participated in EXPOCOMER 2017
  7. 2017. 03Launched PUREAL Under-sink/Hybrid Water Purifier through Website in Korea
  1. 2016. 11Participated in the Ho Chi Min Water Trade Mission 2016
  2. 2016. 10Participated in Cantonfair China 2016
  3. 2016. 06Participated in WQA Aquatech China
  4. 2016. 03Participated in WQA Aquatech USA
  5. 2016. 03Participated in 2016 Expocomer Panama
  1. 2015. 12Launched PUREAL WATER PURIFIER through Website & E-Mart in Korea
  2. 2015. 11Participated in the Hanoi Water Trade Mission 2015
  3. 2015. 11Participated in WQA Aquatech Amsterdam
  4. 2015. 10Participated in Canton fair China 2015
  5. 2015. 08Participated in WQA Aquatech India
  6. 2015. 07Certificate of Quality Approval by Mayor of Bucheon City
  7. 2015. 06Participated in WQA Aquatech China
  8. 2015. 04Awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  9. 2015. 04Participated in WQA Aquatech USA
  10. 2015. 01Picogram’s Joint-venture Company name has been changed to PICO-LEAD(beijing)Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd
  1. 2014. 10Picogram was certified by Gyeonggi Provincial Government
  2. 2014. 10Puri-7 exclusive contract with ENMET in china
  3. 2014. 10Exclusive contract with HSC for Turkey market
  4. 2014. 10Participated in Canton fair China 2014
  5. 2014. 08Launched “N” water purifier
  6. 2014. 06Participated in WQA Aquatech China
  7. 2014. 05Participated in WQA Aquatech India
  8. 2014. 03Participated in 2014 Expocomer Panama
  9. 2014. 03Participated in WQA Aquatech USA
  10. 2014. 01Made an Exclusive contract with Bodyfriend
  1. 2013. 11Participated in the FHC China 2013
  2. 2013. 10Participated in Canton fair China 2013
  3. 2013. 06Participated in the Busan International Food Expo
  4. 2013. 06Participated in WQA Aquatech China
  5. 2013. 04Participated in WQA Aquatech India
  6. 2013. 04Participated in WQA Aquatech USA
  7. 2013. 03Participated in Dae-gu Water KOREA 2013 (EXCO)
  1. 2012. 12Awarded ‘USD 5M export tower’
  2. 2012. 11Participated in Seoul Cafe Show (COEX)
  3. 2012. 11Acquired MAIN-BIZ Certification.
  4. 2012. 05Acquired Excellent Green-Biz Certification in SMBA
  5. 2012. 04Participated in the WQA Aquatech India
  6. 2012. 03Established Joyoung Picogram (Beijing) Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
  7. 2012. 03Participated in WQA Aquatech USA
  1. 2011. 12Held an Organization meeting for business registration approval of Joyoung Picogram (Beijing) Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
  2. 2011. 12Awarded ‘USD 3M export tower’.
  3. 2011. 11Participated in WQA Aquatech Amsterdam
  4. 2011. 11Participated in Seoul Caffe Show (COEX)
  5. 2011. 06Participated in WQA Aquatech China
  6. 2011. 03Made a contract with Joyoung for a Joint venture
  7. 2011. 03Participated in the WQA Aquatech India & USA
  1. 2010. 12Selected as a prospective small and medium business for exportations
  2. 2010. 06Participated in the join exhibition, WQA Aquatech China (Helison company)
  3. 2010. 03Participated in the WQA Aquatech U.S.A
  4. 2010. 02Participated in the SQA Aquatech India
  1. 2009. 12Acquired the NSF/ANSI Standard 058
  2. 2009. 12Awarded as an ‘Export Merit Corporation’ by Bucheon City
  3. 2009. 11Awarded $1 mil exportation prize organized by the Korea International Trade Association
  4. 2009. 10Participated in the LG Venture CEO Forum
  5. 2009. 09Supply of PnP to the Merkur company of France
  6. 2009. 07Made a contract with Watts U.S.A for Leak Detector (leak shut off valve) Development
  7. 2009. 06Launched Picogram Bongdam Factory (Extended the filter production line)
  8. 2009. 05Achieved certification from CFDA (China Food & Drug administration) for Puri-5
  9. 2009. 04An Exclusive PnP Supply Contract in the Australian and New Zealand Region with The Bidet Shop company of Australia
  10. 2009. 03Development of a Commercial Filter System
  1. 2008. 06Acquired Certification of Russia HYGIENIC, GOST
  2. 2008. 05Made a joint development contract with company “A” from the U.S.A for Puri-5
  3. 2008. 04Participated in the 2008 SQA Aquatech Exhibition USA
  4. 2008. 03Made a Joint Development Contract with company “D” from Japan for RO Cold water purifier Development in Filter sector
  1. 2007. 11The Exclusive Southeast Asia PnP Supply Contract with Stiebel company of Germany
  2. 2007. 07Participated in the 2007 Russia & CIS Market Development Team
  3. 2007. 04Selected as the 2007 Industrial Family Cluster Business
  4. 2007. 04Completed construction of the New Business Site
  5. 2007. 03Appointed as a Candidate Corporation for the 2007 Exporting Corporation Generation Project
  6. 2007. 03Participated in the 2007 WQA Aquatech Exhibition, Orlando, USA
  1. 2006. 11Made an Exclusive Contract with Watts company of the USA for supplying PnP Filter System to the Americas
  2. 2006. 08Made an Exclusive Contract with Helison company of China for supplying PnP Filter System
  3. 2006. 07Selected as the Business for the Revolutionary Small and Medium Business Technology Development
  4. 2006. 06Appointed as the Prospective Small and Medium Business for Exportations
  5. 2006. 05Acquired Inno-Biz (Revolutionary Technology in Small and Medium Business) Certification
  6. 2006. 04Participated in the 2006 WQA Aquatech Exhibition China
  7. 2006. 03Appointed as a Candidate Corporation for the 2007 Exporting Corporation Generation Project
  1. 2005. 12Participated in the 2005 International Functional Industrial Exposition (Coex)
  2. 2005. 11Participated in the 2005 Asia International Beverage Industrial Exhibition (Tokyo)
  3. 2005. 10Participated in the 2005 Osaka Earth Environment Technology Exhibition – Hankyung Business(Oct 24, 2005/p. 79[PEOPLE-Focus: Picogram Introduction]
  4. 2005. 06ISO 14001 Environment Management System Attestation Acquired Overseas Patent Application”water purification filter easily replacedby connector
  5. 2005. 04Corporation Affiliate Research Laboratory Acknowledgement (Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
  6. 2005. 03 Applied overseas patent to America and Japan PCT for “Quick change single & multi adaptor, replaceable-filter assembly, and its parts
  1. 2004. 12Made the Joint Marketing Agreement and Technology Affiliation with “Cirqua Customized Water Corporation” USA
  2. 2004. 08Made the Investment, Joint Development Agreement with Kitz Micro Filter Corporation of Japan
  3. 2004. 07Applied Patent for “one-touch detachable single and multi-adaptor, and a water filtering system that uses filter assembly parts
  4. 2004. 06Applied Patent for “A filter for a bidet that selectively controls the supply of purified water by the attachment of a filter assembly part formedin
  5. 2004. 05Transfer of Office and Factory (Located at Bucheon Techno Park)
  6. 2004. 03Acquired the Certification for Venture Cooperation by Small and Medium Business Administration
  1. 2003. 08Applied Patent for “A water filtration system that has the functions of activating water filtration and filtered water” (Application No. 10-2003-0028282)
  2. 2003. 07Applied Patent for “Total treatment filter for a hot water cleaning system” (Application No. 10-2003-0045684)
  1. 2002. 12Acquired BS EN ISO 9001:2000 (QEC Accreditation Center)
  2. 2002. 11Applied Patent for “Reverse osmotic membrane water filtration system” (Application No. 10-2002-0068144)
  3. 2002. 10Transfer of Office and Factory (Deungchon-3-dong, Gangseo-gu)
  4. 2002. 04Conversion to Picogram Corporation Ltd
  1. 2001. 03Developed the Pressure regulator, LPS, HPS, and Flow Meter
  2. 2001. 02Developed the Level Sensor, Solenoid Valve, and Float Valve
  3. 2001. 01Developed the Weight Sensor and Micro Switch method water level controlling system
  1. 2000. 10Developed functional ceramics, such as the antibacterial ceramic, anion ceramic, and tourmaline ceramic Development of calcium sulfite
  2. 2000. 08Developed various filters, such as the hollow fiber UF filter, MF filter, and active carbon filter
  3. 2000. 07Established Picogram

Organization Chart


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