Current Business Area

1. Materials

We, Picogram, are continuously putting efforts in order to develop the best materials which are the basic elements for water purification such as new membranes, and nanotechnology applied new materials, by which the water consumption volume can be reduced substantially compared to the existing products by conducting eco-designs. Picogram responds to various kinds of requests for purification performance by using special materials and provides differentiated filters. Picogram expands its business area by developing special functional materials and will strengthen the stature as a company having its technology competitiveness based on its advanced core technology.

2. Filters

Picogram started its business with manufacturing filters and has grown consistently in the water purification area until now to have the domestic top production capacity for exporting filters to foreign countries.

Picogram holds the product groups consisting of various kinds of filters from small filters for domestic purpose to large scale filters for commercial purpose such as coffee shops and restaurants, etc.

By utilizing new filter structure through devising the Quick-change swing & push button connection system for the first time in Korea, Picogram is providing stable, convenient, and better filter solutions to customers all over the world in accordance with the market trend. Based on the know-how up to now, Picogram will continue to research and develop not only with development of new technologies but also convenience of the customers

3. Water Purifier

Our Company, Picogram is now expanding its business area to develop water purifiers while considering the convenience of the customers and the health of the people. Based on the technical skills that have been accumulated in the business area with the filters as the core technology of water purifiers, we are changing the paradigm of the market by developing products focusing on the hygienic and eco-friendly features and the convenience of customers by grafting new kinds of technology, such as, hygiene, water saving, energy saving, IOT (Internet of Things), etc., as well as developing various kinds of water purifiers that apply the solution appropriate for each kind of market.

Future Business Plans

We will consider the environment and human beings as the priority concern.

The task that Picogram is willing to research and develop in the future based on the knowhow having been accumulated until now is to provide with the customer-oriented optimized solution in the area of living environment which can enhance the healthy lives of people and the quality of life.

Environmental Problem is a very important element which cannot be omitted in the life of humankind as one of the most outstanding issues after 21st Century.

Picogram shall concentrate all kinds of capacities in order for it to grow as a company contributing itself to the community and the human society by creating more meaningful values for the customers while striving to concentrate on the development of kinds of technology that are essential in the living environment area as well as the area of water purification area based on the unrivaled water purification materials and for developing water purification filters.